What makes a climbing kids party special.

Every parent wants the best for their children. A child’s birthday is a moment, every year, where all parents are especially prepared to go to great lengths to bring as much joy as possible to their children. And, for all the stresses they might bring, parents know the worth of providing their children with such joy.

At the Boulder Cave, we aim to give children as fulfilling and joyful a party as is possible. This means paying attention to the details. Climbing is fun, but it is more fun if you have a sense of what you’re doing. Every party comes with a dedicated facilitator (or two if the number of partygoers require it) who have ample experience working with children. These facilitators stay with the partygoers for the full two hours. They show them how to climb, where to climb and help them get the most out of the experience. And they keep them safe!

Climbing on an empty stomach is no fun, and the stresses of catering for a children’s party could drive any parent mad. We take care of this, and do not take the task lightly. We provide party packs that would make any child happy. (Oreos, not toppers. Simba chips, not fake nik naks. Coca Cola, not twizza) We also provide hot food. This is all inclusive in our party price. We are also up to the challenge of providing for picky eaters. Just let us know what you will need.

Finally, a good party has its own space. During the entire two-hour period, a dedicated party area is reserved for the partygoers. This area can be decorated, by arrangement, and can comfortably facilitate up to 18 children.

If you are looking to organize a fun, physically active and exciting birthday party, with as little stress as possible on you, the parent, then the Boulder Cave should be your first stop. Your children will be well looked after, well fed and will be sufficiently tired to have a good night’s sleep when the day is over.

Contact us on 081 269 1234 to organize your party today. Don’t wait too long!

Kids climbing party at The Boulder Cave

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