Climbing facility in Pretoria, a short history

The Boulder Cave was built with the goal of expanding the climbing community in Pretoria, by providing a high quality, high intensity bouldering training facility. The structure was designed to be both accessible to newcomers to the sport of bouldering, as well as seasoned climbing aficionados. Growing climbing in Pretoria is important for various reasons. Apart from the fact that bouldering is awesome, fun and rewarding, there are various schools of thought that believe climbing is beneficial to child development, physical rehabilitation and in combating disorders like ADHD. Our goal is to be a community center of sorts for the climbing community, where training, recreation, competition and socializing come together. We pride ourselves on being accessible, helpful and accommodating, but, if needs be, a motivating force. We’re always happy to drink a cup of coffee and discuss some beta with any climber who wants it. There’s even coaching available if said climber wants to take their bouldering to the next level.

The Boulder Cave has been operating since the 6th of July, 2016. It took four months to design and build, by a committed and hardworking team of ten. The walls contain 11 tons of steel, and 220 shutterply panels. (Some say we’re over-engineered!) which, in total led to 340m2 of wall space. The gym is divided into three sections, being the warm up, intermediate and advanced sections. Our problems are changed regularly, with a section being reset at least once a month, and problems being added to the other sections whenever there’s an opportunity.

Whether you’re an advanced climber looking to up your game, someone looking for a new way to exercise, or a parent looking for a great place to have a kids party, the Boulder Cave is what you’re looking for!

Building the cave a new climbing center in Pretoria
Building progress of The Boulder Cave in Pretoria


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